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Research Projects

University projects:

(title, researcher, term, funding)

  • Theology as a Way of Interpreting History, Traditions and Contemporary Society

    in cooperation with Protestant Theological Faculty and Hussite Theological Faculty

    faculty coordinator: prof. PhDr. Zdeněk Beneš CSc., doc. ThLic. Mgr. Jaroslav Brož Th.D


    Charles University, programme Progres

  • Christianity after Christendom: Paradoxes of "Theological Turns" in Contemporary Culture

    Mgr. František Štěch, Th.D.


    Charles University, programme Primus; Catholic Theological Faculty

  • Transcendence and its Interpretation in Theology and Art

    Doc. PhDr. Mireia Ryšková, Th.D.


    Charles University, programme UNCE

University student projects:

(title, researcher, term, funding)

  • The Phenomenon of Honour and Dishonour in the Town of Early Modern Times (1620–1720)

    Mgr. Marie Matěásková


    Charles University, programme GAUK

  • C. S. Lewis and the Language of Modern Apologetics

    Mgr. Barbora Šmejdová


    Charles University, programme GAUK

  • Secret Ordinations in Czechoslovakia in 1948–1989 from the View of the Canon Law

    JCLic. Mgr. Eva Vybíralová


    Charles University, programme GAUK

  • Art Collection of Flemish and Dutch Paintings Collected by Vlastislav Zátka

    Mgr. Michaela Filipa Váchová


    Charles University, programme GAUK

  • Historic Preservation in Prague during the Protectorate Period Bohemia and Moravia

    Mgr. Žaneta Vobořilová Kadlecová


    Charles University, programme GAUK

Others projects:

(title, researcher, term, funding)

  • Splendor and Glory of Kingdom of Bohemia. Roots of the Czech State and National Identity

    prof. PhDr. Jiří Kuthan, DrSc., Dr.h.c.


    NAKI (Ministry of Culture)

  • Wenceslas IV. King of Bohemia and King of the Rome

    prof. PhDr. Jiří Kuthan, DrSc., Dr.h.c.


    NAKI (Ministry of Culture)

  • Hannes Beckmann (1909–1977). Dessau – Prague – New York

    Mgr. Bronislava Rokytová


    GAČR (Czech Science Foundation)

  • Folk Art between Visual Culture and Politics in Bohemia and Moravia 1840–1960

    PhDr. Milan Pech, Ph.D, PhDr. Tomáš Winter, Ph.D. (Institute of Art History, The Czech Academy of Sciences)


    GAČR (Czech Science Foundation)

  • Cultural Codes and Their Transformations in the Hussite Period

    prof. PhDr. Jiří Kuthan, DrSc., Dr.h.c., prof. PhDr. František Šmahel, DrSc. (Institute of Philosophy, The Czech Academy of Sciences), PhDr. Alena Černá, Ph.D. (Institute of the Czech Language, The Czech Academy of Sciences)


    GAČR (Czech Science Foundation)

  • Royal Women in the Visegrad Region: cult and art associated with them

    Mgr. Kornélia Kolářová Takácsová, Th.D.


    International Visegrad Fund

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