Welcome from the Library! Current students, fellows, and staff, as well as prospective applicants

and visiting researchers can access to a wide range of sources.

  • Starting from Wednesday 22nd April the Faculty library has been partially reopened. Books can be borrowed or returned after a previous order sent to:

  • To access the library, choose the path through the yard, the arrows will guide you. Entry to the study is not allowed.

  • Starting from the 18th of May the book loaning period is no longer automatically extended!

  • You can now also return books using the book return box.

Opening Hours


9:00 - 12:00



9:00 - 12:00

13:00 - 16:00



9:00 - 12:00


*(only in the time of weekend classes)

The library is closed during public holidays, and the opening time is reduced during vacations.

  • Important: If you are required to order the books in advance

    (mail:, tel. 220 181 304).


The library is located in the third floor of the building and provides a peaceful study space for the visitors while offering standard services like internet connection and printing.

telephone: 220 181 512

Charles University Central Catalogue

To search in the holdings of individual libraries, readers can use the Charles University Central Catalogue, which is a union catalogue of the libraries of all faculties and other parts of the University.

Charles University E-resources

The Charles University E-resources Portal (PEZ in Czech) enables users to search in databases of academic texts. The Portal contains databases of electronic resources, an electronic journals portal, and e-books. The Portal offers a range of resources accessible via subscriptions paid at University level or faculty level, plus freely accessible resources, trial access to some resources, and links to other meta-resources similar to the Portal.

The Portal can be accessed directly from any computer connected to the Charles University network or a network of a faculty or other part of the University; the system automatically logs users into the Portal, so there is no need to enter an ID or password. Charles University staff and students can also use remote access to the Portal.

Library Regulations

To use the Library’s services, you must first become a registered reader. (Legal entities, such as societies and associations, can also be registered.) To register, you will need to complete and sign a registration form to get a reader card. Legal entities wishing to register should contact the Head Librarian ( ).

Charles University Library and Circulation Rules

Rector's Directive No. 36/2019

The Library is a silent study space

  • Please keep conversations to a minimum.

  • Please do not bring any food or drink into the Library. Consumption of alcohol or smoking is not permitted.

  • Please leave your luggage and coat in a locker.


  • Faculty members may borrow books both during the term and vacation.

  • Books can be borrowed for 30 days and textbooks for 150 days.

  • Books may be renewed 2 times before it is necessary to return them to library on condition that they are not required by other readers.

  • The system does not usually allow more than 30 books on loan, which can be overridden by staff if necessary.

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