Historical Timeline


The history of the faculty can be traced up to the year 973 as it continues in line with the education originally administered by the bishopric at the St. Vitus Cathedral. However, it was on January 26, 1347 when a privilege granted by Pope Clement VI opened the way for the establishment of a Studium generale in Prague. By the Charter of April 7, 1348, the King of Bohemia and of the Romans Charles IV founded a university with four faculties (liberal arts, medicine, law, and theology). Since that time, its legal existence has been continual.


The emperor Ferdinand III. merged Carolinum and Ferdinandeum into a single Charles-Ferdinand University with four faculties. Theological Faculty and the Faculty of Arts were administered by the Jesuits. The archbishop was confirmed as a chancellor, but this function was performed by a rector in practice. The university was supervised by the state and was not related to any particular denomination.


At the culmination of the Czech national political movement, the University was divided into a German and Czech institution. The Theological Faculty remained common to both.


Because of threatening exclusion from the university the Theological Faculty had to be divided also into Czech and German part.


Czechoslovakia became an independent state.


This year marks the end of Charles-Ferdinand University and the origin of Charles University (Czech) and German University. Both theological faculties were parts of respective institutions.


The theological faculties of Charles University and German University moved to the new building of a new Archbishop seminary in Prague-Dejvice built by F. X. Kordač.


After the Nazi occupation of the Czech Lands, the German University was subordinated to the Third Reich. All Czech institutions of higher learning were closed and their activities were banned until 1945. It concerned theological faculties as well.


Charles University was restored; German University was cancelled.


The renewal of free academic life at Charles University was interrupted by the communist coup of 1948. For many years to follow, this anti-Church regime subjected education and research to tight ideological and political control.


The Theological Faculty was separated from Charles University, academic staff dissolved and many students denied further study. Some of the lecturers and students were imprisoned or persecuted in other ways.


The Theological faculty and seminary were moved to Litoměřice, Northern Bohemia.


November and December mark the end of communist totality in Czechoslovakia.


The autonomy of the university was restored and the Catholic Theological Faculty became a part of Charles University again.

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