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  • This page contains only the information relevant to our Erasmus students.

Teaching and consultations

  • Teaching and consultations will be undertaken in the distance form till the end of accademic year 2019/2020

  • Until the 17th of May , testing and consultations can only be performed remotely.

  • From the 18th of May, examinations and consultations can be conducted in person, with the exception of a date that has already been announced as a distance-form, or with the exception of the case where the teacher belongs to a risk group of citizens. The following conditions must be met:

Conditions for student examination

  • Students may be present on the premises of the faculty only if they are without acute health problems corresponding to viral infectious disease and if they have not been ordered quarantine measures at that time.

  • Students assess whether they belong to a risk group of persons (age over 60 years; cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory and oncological diseases, obesity, diabetes, e.g.); in the positive case, they can negotiate with the teacher on an individual way of passing the study control or enroll at a later date at their own responsibility.

  • Students are obliged to submit a written affidavit of the absence of symptoms corresponding to a viral infectious disease to the mailbox in front of the Study Department at the first entrance to the faculty premises. Students submit the same statement again if they return to the faculty after being quarantined.

  • Students are obliged to disinfect their hands when entering the faculty building premises and to observe the generally valid hygienic and safety regulations set by the government.

  • Access of employees and students to the faculty building is allowed only for the time strictly necessary to ensure the necessary activities.

Fulfiling your study requirements

  • Examination period: 25/05 – 31/07/2020, 1/09 – 18/09/2020

  • Examinations before the examination period are possible

  • All examination dates must be listed in the SIS (Student Information System), where registration also takes place. At least two examination dates in the examination period must be published before the beginning of this examination period. Other examination dates can only be published at least one week in advance.

  • Unless the dean expressly states otherwise, all the examinations take place in the distance form according to the teacher's instructions. Until this time, individual physical attendance is not allowed, even outside the faculty building.

  • From the day when the dean will allow entry to the faculty, the examination will be carried out in the usual manner, with the exception of the examination, which has already been announced in advance as a distance form examination.

  • The examination dates can be listed in such a way that some of them will take place in a distance from and some of them in standard form if extraordinary measures cease to be valid.

  • A student may take an examination in a registered subject no more than three times, i.e., he / she may take two resits. Distance-from examinations and standard examination form count together. No special resit date is allowed.

  • The technical equipment (eg laptop with a video camera, microphone, and speakers, internet connection) and software applications necessary for the distance-from examination must be communicated to the students by the teacher sufficiently and provably in advance.


  • Rector's Day 6th May and Dean's Day on 7th May are canceled

  • New summer holiday term: 1/8 – 31/08/2020

  • End of the academic year Te Deum, garden party: 25/06/2020 (15:00, Strahov Monastery)

  • New date of fulfillment of study requirements 18/09/2020.

  • Student Evaluations of Teaching: 25/05/2020 – 18/09/2020

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