Students with Special Needs at CTF


Eva Šolcová, DiS.


tel: +420 220 181 304

Ing. Michaela Kristová, Study department officer


tel.: +420 220 181 383

Special needs students may consult the Carolina Centre.

Barrier-free access

The faculty building is located within five-minutes walking distance from metro station A Dejvická, which is barrier-free. A wheelchair user reports to the receptionist using a bell next to the entrance. Barier-free acces is possible by means of gate located in Kolejní Streer (rear of the building). The gate is controlled and monitored by the receptionist.

The elevator is accesible through the courtayrd. The second floor of the building where the faculty resides, is divided by smaller staircases, two of which are are equipped with access ramps. The third staircase, which leads to the offices of the Institute of the History of Christian Art, cannot be equipped with a ramp. Nevertheless, access here is possible after a previous arrangement.

On the third floor, there is a library and a study room. It is accessible utilizing an older small lift. When operating it, the wheelchair user needs the assistance of another person.

The barries-free toilet is available.

Students with visual impairments

A sound beacon navigates the blind to the building's main entrance. All rooms are equipped with an orientation board with their name or number in Braille.

Five auditoriums are equipped with a sound system, which can be used to record lectures on a CD carrier. It serves as a "digital workbook" for students with visual impairments.

Students with hearing ompairments

Five auditoriums are equipped with a sound system with an induction loop and an infra-transmitter. A student with residual hearing can borrow infra-headphones, set the amplification level himself, and thus directly listen even without using his Lip reading skill.

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