Public Transport in Prague

The public transport in Prague is well organized and efficient, consisting of the metro, trams, buses and trains. The metro is the quickest way to travel long distances across the city.

There are three metro lines: A (green), B (yellow) and C (red). It closes down for the night shortly after midnight and reopens at 5:00. Trams and buses connect the metro system to outlying areas, and are also a handy way to make short journeys in the city centre. The most efficient form of night transport is the network of night trams that runs from about midnight until the metro reopens. Night trams run very precisely with a 30-minute interval, and rendezvous with each other at selected stations to facilitate passenger transfers (the central changing point is Lazarská tram stop).

The timetable of every tram and bus is posted at every station, so you know exactly at what time to expect it. Or you can try on-line application, where all you have to do is to enter the station you want to get to. In a second you will get all the best connections with time and transit points.

Detailed information on Prague public transport including the most up to date information on its operation and disruptions is available on the Prague Public Transport Company (DPP) official website at:

Tickets are available from many newsstands and tobacconists, ticket offices in the metro, and from ticket machines in the metro stations and at selected bus and tram stops.

You may change between trams, buses, the metro and trains (in area of Prague) as you wish. You do not need to have a new ticket, regardless of how many times you change, until the time period runs out.

After boarding a bus, tram, or upon entering the metro, tickets must be date-stamped in order to make them valid. Your ticket is not valid without the time and date or without a specific code. All tickets, no matter whether you buy them in the underground or in a tobacco shop, have to be validated. Ticket inspectors may fine you if you are caught travelling without a stamped/marked ticket. Please use the yellow stamping machines.

NOTE: the locals very often have a long-term travel pass and they do not have to validate it, so they often pass by the stamping machines. Do not be discouraged and use them, or ask the locals for assistance.

Travel passes: If you use local transport regularly, you can save money and time by purchasing season tickets. Passes are valid for unlimited travel on any bus, tram or (in Prague) metro line throughout the city area. They are also valid on some suburban train routes up to the city boundary.

The student ID card of the Charles University with the faculty coupon can now serve as transport pass (you have to only add the transport coupons for the period of your stay in the Czech Republic).

For detailed information on public transport fares, see the website at:

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