Imagination - Inspiration - Interpretation



is pleased to announce a


for the international conference for doctoral students


Venue and date: 9th November 2022

in the building of the

Catholic Theological Faculty of Charles University

(in case of the unfavorable epidemiological situation in the online space)



This international conference is intended for all Czech and international doctoral students on full-time or part-time study programmes in the fields of art history, theology, literature, music, and other cultural and historical disciplines. The conference aims to enable students to present the results of their research so far, to introduce new and current insights based on their work on their dissertation, to compare their methodological approaches, and thus to support their research activities.

The conference theme "IMAGINATION - INSPIRATION - INTERPRETATION" offers space for grasping the creative process. Imagination and inspiration that need to be interpreted as human faculties stimulating creativity.

The theme of the conference was deliberately chosen so as to include the broadest possible circle of doctoral students from humanities study programmes and to provide sufficient scope for choosing a theme and elaborating it. Papers submitted for the conference can deal with related themes in the fields of theology, history, the visual arts, cultural history, literature, music, and so on. They will be assessed primarily on the correct choice of methodical approach in dealing with the individual theme and the specialist quality of their conception. The emphasis will be placed on publishing completely new findings rather than on compilation work.

Like last year, we will welcome a prominent guest to our Faculty for the conference. A special lecture will be given during the conference. You are cordially invited to attend the whole of the conference, and in particular, the special lecture, whose theme and speaker will be made known in advance.

Further information:

The various papers presented at the conference will be divided into several sections according to their subject. Twenty minutes will be allowed for each paper, and sufficient time will be devoted to discussion on each theme.

The number of active participants at the conference will be limited by the size of the different sections. In case of an unfavorable epidemiological situation, the conference will be moved to the online space (platform MS Teams).

Conference language: English

Conference proceedings:

The organisers are planning to publish the proceedings of the conference in peer-reviewed form after it has finished.

The organising committee reserves the right to select papers for publication in a peer-reviewed journal on the basis of expert opinions drawn up by independent experts on the theme in question.

Language for publication in the conference proceedings English.


30th September 2022: Registration for the conference

7th October 2022: Notification of acceptance at the conference

1st November 2022: Deadline for handing in papers (this is a condition for active participation in the conference)

9th November 2022: Conference


Those interested in active participation in the conference should complete the form which is attached to this Call for Papers and send it to the address by 30th September 2022 at the latest.

Conference fee:

550 CZK

Conference fee has to be paid no later than 14th October 2022 to the faculty account.

No refunds will be given for cancellation.

Contact and conference venue:

Prague, Catholic Theological Faculty of Charles University

Thákurova 3, 160 00 Praha 6, Czech Republic


The organisers are unable to cover the costs of transport or accommodation for active conference participants. However, they will provide help in finding accommodation, especially to international participants.

Conference organisers:

Mgr. Magdalena Nová, DiS.

PhDr. Petr Sládeček, Ph.D.

(Under the auspices of doc. PhDr. Martin Zlatohlávek, Ph.D.)

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