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1. listopadu 2023

AUC Theologica 2/2024

Call for Papers

Iberian Theology in the 21st Century

Alex Villas Boas

João Duque

Susana Vilas Boas

This issue aims to address and promote theological reflection in the European context, and precisely in the contemporary Iberian context, with its contextual approaches and distances, so that it can become a starting point for deeper theological studies and developments, capable of proposing a reconfiguration of the European reality in the light of Christian identity. It seeks to open the way to a theology built on plurality as the theological expression of a unity in diversity.

Europe has been changing its cultural, social, political, and religious configuration. There has been a fragmentation of the identity that united Europe from its beginnings. Christianity, which for centuries asserted itself not only as the European and intensely Iberian religion, but also as the foundation and basis of cultural, socio-political, and human values, has gradually crumbled and is giving way both to a plurality of Christian perceptions of reality and to a fractured vision of the human being. At the same time, migratory movements, wars, and political and economic tensions are shaping a new religious and cultural face of the continent, also in the Iberian Peninsula.

Today, theological questioning and reflection are marked by an unprecedented reality, never before perceived from an academic point of view: What is theology's response to the dominant culture and socio-political challenges? How does theology see today's reality? And, faced with a global panorama, what kind of European theology do we have and what kind of theology do we wish to have?

This special issue aims to contemplate the European reality and its new context from the Iberian reality and its peculiarities.


  • Confessional theology and public theology

  • Islam-Christian dialogue

  • Religious Plurality

  • Post-Secular Society

  • Theology and Civil Admission

  • Theology and Migration

  • Theology and Literature

Please, submit your papers following guidelines for the authors by 15 February 2024.

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