Second Scholasticism - Analytical Metaphysics - Christian Apologetics

A Conference in Honour of Professor Stanislav Sousedík’s 90th birthday

27th–29th October 2021 

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Second Scholasticism

A section devoted to historically oriented papers bearing upon Renaissance and Baroque scholastic thought (relationships to medieval scholasticism, early-modern philosophy or analytical philosophy not excluded).

Analytical Metaphysics

A section designed for papers attempting to bring late-scholastic ideas up to date using the approach and methods of analytical philosophy; while papers deriving from medieval scholasticism (for example, in the vein of analytical Thomism), or systematic lectures on analytical metaphysics are also welcome.

Christian Apologetics

A section devoted to the apologetic of Christian worldview, or a vindication of the philosophical prerequisites of Christian faith, with a special aim at a critical evaluation of the various ways in which the continental post-scholastic philosophical tradition has adversely affected Christian, especially Catholic, orthodoxy.

Confirmed speakers

  • John Haldane (online) 

  • Jacob Schmutz 

  • Gyula Klima 

  • Michael Gorman

  • Ulrich G. Leinsle

  • Paul Richard Blum

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