Program celoživotního vzdělávání – Ethics

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Prague, 9th May, 2017

Lifelong Learning Programme – “Ethics”

On the basis of „Řád celoživotního vzdělávání Univerzity Karlovy“ (Regulations of the Lifelong Learning of the Charles) and of „Řád celoživotního vzdělávání Katolické teologické fakulty“ (Regulations of the Catholic Faculty of Theology) I would like to announce the Lifelong learning programme Ethics and set these details about its completion:


the programme Ethics is carried out by Univerzita Karlova, Katolická teologická fakulta (Charles University, Catholic Faculty of Theology).

coordinator KTF UK:

doc. PhDr. Libor Ovečka, Th.D.

name of the course:


course number:


form of the course:

four-week course in English, number of hours: 45, the Programme is run on a daily attendance basis


Katolická teologická fakulta UK, Thákurova 3, 160 00 Praha 6, Czech Republic


the programme runs from July 3rd, 2017 to July 28th, 2017 (accommodation from July 1st, 2017 to July 30th, 2017)

conditions of acceptance:

handing in the application by 15th June, 2017, payment of the fees

conditions of realisation:

the programme will run if the number of applicants is at least eight


the programme is optional; it provides basic orientation in Ethics and Moral Theology


the number of credits awarded is 3 (according to the US standard) or 6 (according to the ECTS standard)


the programme fees are USD 1900, to be paid by 30th June, 2017;

name of account: UK – Katolická teologická fakulta UK

bank account 32034 061 / 0100

variable symbol 334

IBAN CZ 63 0100 0000 0000 3203 4061


bank address: Komerční banka a.s., Na příkopě 33, 114 07 Praha 1, Czech Republic

conditions of

successful completion

active presence at lessons, fulfilling set tasks, passing final exam (written)

further information

the Application Form (attached) is to be sent to the Study Department, Katolická teologická fakulta UK, Thákurova 3, 160 00 Praha 6, Czech Republic;

the participants will obtain a Certificate about the participation in the programme and the final exam;

for more information contact doc. PhDr. Libor Ovečka, Th.D.,

ThLic. Prokop Brož, Th.D.


Vyhlášení kurzu celoživotního vzdělávání Ethics ke stažení zde.

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